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At Deck Genie we have created a complete Deck "Makeover" system of services and products.

Why spend thousands on a new deck when our "Makeover" could renew your old one? We offer safety inspections to determine the actual condition and future use of the existing deck. We repair and replace rotten handrails,decking as well as add supports,bracings and footings for safety.

We can replace decking and railings with wood as well as maintenance free composites or PVC materials which reduces deck maintenance and adds value to your home. If the existing deck cannot be properly repaired we can provide an estimate to design and build a new replacement deck.

If the existing deck is small or outdated we can either do a "makeover" or add an addition to create more outdoor living space.

Please visit to view more of the products and materials that we sell, furnish and install. Time for a new deck? Maybe not!!

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